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    Oxycodone is an analgesic opioid medication that is generally used for the relief of moderate-to-severe pain. It was first developed by German researchers in 1916 from opium-derived thebaine (1). Oxycontin was approved by the FDA in 1995, and was introduced into the United States market in 1996 (2)

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    OxyContin: Complete Drug Guide and Instructions.

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    What is Oxycontin?

    Oxycontin is an opioid pain medication called a narcotic. It is a potent prescription used in severe pain management when any other pain treatment, immediate-release opioid medicine, or nonopioid pain medicines do not work well.


    Who can take oxycontin?

    Oxycontin comes in immediate-release and extended-release tablet and capsule forms. It is available on the market under the brand names Roxicodone and Oxycodone.


    Oxycontin extended-release tablet and capsule forms should not be used to relieve normal pain that can be treated with another drug. You can buy Oxycontin online AnxietyCareShop from in ER forms to treat people who have become tolerant to opioid medications after using them for at least one week.


    Oxycontin belongs to a family of drugs known as opiate analgesics. It works by varying how the brain and nervous system react to pain..

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